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You'll want to make sure you read everything in this section because it has important things to know such as the rules, plots, announcements, ect.
Come here and you'll sign up for your canon or original character. You can also find our character application here. Note: All canon faces are suggestions, and can be replaced if desired by another famous face. Please post your application in the pending section. ORIGINAL CHARACTERS ARE WELCOME
Here is where you will find accepted character bios, wanted ads, and thread trackers. Your application will be moved here after it is accepted.
Here is where you claim your celebrity face, your living quarters, character Facebook and Twitter page, and your cell phone numbers. Everything here is a requirement even if rarely used.


Want to make a scenario with someone? Want to organize your friends and enemies? This is the place. This great to make for everyone to reference later. These are a great help with everyone because then you know where your character stand with others.
-Ring, Ring, Ring!- This is were you will find all cell phones for each character. Keep in touch with you love or with a friend. Text or call them, they would love to hear from you
You know what it is, you know how to use it. Post pictures, like and comment on friends' statuses. You can do it all here.
This is where you come to post your hopes and dreams, or to write about your feeling and/or things that have happened to you. In Character. This is a way to vent and a way to dream; To write songs or what ever you want in the pages. Have fun with your journals. All characters need to have a journal even if you do not intend to use it often.

City of Caldwell

These are the homes of the citizens of Caldwell, New York. If you don't live at the mansion or the Commadore then you will find your home here.
This is one of worse street blocks in Caldwell. There are deserted buildings, run down and abandoned apartments and boarded up businesses. But these are also the streets you will find ZeroSum along with several other clubs and restaurants. There are dark alleys all around Trade Street that are full of lessers.
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Rebuilt, owned and operated by Rehvenge. It is a hot and popular place for the rich and powerful to hang out at, as well as the occasional drug dealer. There are still some working girls working here but only because Rehvenge got tired of the working girls ending up being beaten or killed, and wanted a safe place for them to work. ZeroSum is more low key then it use to be but still as popular as ever.
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A nightclub operated by Trez and catering to the goth crowd. Just as popular as ZeroSum but not as exclusive. Similar offerings as ZeroSum but only for the goths and darker crowd.
An average tattoo shop to the human eye, with special ink that only the "elite" know about. Come see exceptional work done by the night time artists, for those who only come out at night.

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Safe place is currently maintained by Marissa and is a sanctuary for female vampires and their young to go when their hellren is abusive or missing. A female vampire may also take shelter if they have no place to go due to family outcasting. This is a safe haven for them to go so they can rebuild their lives and figure out what's next. This is a secret place only known in the vampire world by the females, The Brotherhood and Havers.
Owned and operated by Marissa's brother, who is known as the healer of his race, this is the clinic for civilian vampires. Some times the brothers will come here but only in extreme emergencies and if it is their very last option.
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Welcome to the Caldwell Mall. Here you will find whatever item you are looking for that suits any occasion. Along with a play area for children,there are a wide variety of food options in the Food Court. Open 24 hours a day.
Welcome to Sals Italian restaurant ran by iAm. Sals is a throw back to the rat pack era, done in all deep crimson reds and blacks; along with tunes of old jazz and blues. They sell the best Italian food in Caldwell.
Hungry for some spring rolls? Jade Gardens is a Chinese restaurant in Caldwell that makes the best beef with broccoli and other Chinese delicacies around.
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Let's face it, almost every town and major city in the world has a Starbucks; and so do we. Want a plain cup of coffee or something like a Triple Shot Chocolate Mocha Frappuccino or Spiced Chai Latte? Then come here! You can always find delicious food and other pre-packaged beverages. Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, please come in and have something to drink.
In this area of Caldwell you will find all the local restaurants the city is known for. You can find anything from the local Firefly Cafe to the more popular Starbucks. There are also All-American places like TGI Fridays (Hal E. Wood may make an appearance), or steakhouses such as Texas Roadhouse or Outback. Come spend your evenings dining out with the best of the best.
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Welcome to the Caldwell Gym. Come here if you want to lift weights, take a yoga class, run around the indoor track, and more. Along with an indoor pool, there is also a sauna as well as personal trainers available any time you need one. All you have to do is ask.
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Come here and post if you come from out of town, or want to begin a scene outside of Caldwell.

The Brotherhood Mansion

This is the gatehouse right outside the mansion where Vishous and his mate Jane live along with Butch and his mate Marissa. It is a small two bedroom place that is taken up by Vishous' four large computers and a huge Flat screen TV that fills up most of the Living Room. There are also two small bedrooms with bathrooms (Good thing no one shares!) They really need to make the pit bigger which is something Wrath has considered for the ladies.
These are the private quarters of the brothers, shellans and families. These are plush quarters & large suites, with grand luxurious bathrooms, and sitting areas with flat screen TVs and huge walk-in closets. These quarters are everything you could want in a home and then some.
This is where you will find Wrath working hard with his shellan Beth and daughter Rhaine assisting. Working to sign new laws, or hiding from the others to enjoy "King & Queen time" this has become Wrath's home within home. This is also where the Brotherhood meets daily for updates. Be sure not to startle Wrath's loyal and trusting seeing eye dog George who is always in here with him. If you see George outside the door, you might want to come back later! The King and Queen are a little busy and don't want to be bothered at the moment.
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This is a sitting room that is on the second floor of the mansion. Not as popular as the first floor but this room has been known to see a lot of action. So if the door is closed you better knock before you enter.
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Come into this room to play pool or hang out and watch someone else play. There is a fully stocked bar here with every type of liquor you could ever want, and a working popcorn machine as well. With a state of the art surround sound system and huge flat screen TV, lounge on the couches and chairs and watch a little Top Gun.
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this room is where you will find Saxton surrounded by stacks or old books rewriting old laws or writing new laws. This is the only place to find all the books on all the laws from the race. Come here to look something up or to relax if you want to get away from every one. There is also a fully stocked bar in here also.
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Welcome to the dining room. This is probably one of the most popular rooms in the mansion. This is a large room with a huge table where all the meals are held, and every one in the house is welcome.
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Welcome to the kitchen one of the largest rooms in the home. With a huge stove and double ovens, large walk in freezer and a side-by-side fridge fridge, you will find three times the normal counter space than you would see in a normal kitchen. But then when you are feeding the brothers, their shellans, and who ever else might be in house you need all the room! This is usually Fritz's domain but he might let you into his kitchen to help out, just don't suggest that's what you're doing.[/blockquote
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This is a room right off the doggen's quarters that is a state of the art theater with a huge flat screen TV. Every DVD and Blu-Ray known to mankind, and even some old fashioned film rolls for when the Brothers get nostalgic. Also available is a fully stocked concession stand that has any type of movie candy you would want and also a working pop corn machine as well as a soda fountain. The seats in here are large, comfy and big enough for two (if you get cold, or just want to snuggle). There are even some blankets so you can nestle up and watch a movie by your self or with someone you love. This room is big enough for all the Brothers and their shellans, baby Nalla, Boo and George for a family movie night.
The in-house clinic and O.R. run by Dr. Jane Whitcomb and Dr. Manuel "Manny" Manello. Jane and Vishous built this state of the art "hospital" after the Brotherhood lost their trust in Havers; After he tried to have their King killed. This is a private clinic for only the brothers and their families.
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These are the classrooms hidden deep under the mansion that the brothers use to teach new recruits, the pre-transitioned males of the race. These classrooms have not been used in a while but are ready and waiting for when they can be used again.
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This Gym has a huge basketball court for when and if the brothers want to play a little one on one, or if you want to go for a run that is not on a treadmill. Great for practicing martial arts moves as well.
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This is where the brothers go to work off some steam when they have a problem or just to build muscle. There are weight machines, treadmills, ellipticals, and any thing else you need to work out with in here.
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This indoor pool is heated and soothing. With a diving board for fun and lanes to swim laps, or just come relax and a hot steamy swim with someone you love. So if the doors are locked and the music is blaring come back later.
The grounds outside the mansion are full of gardens with roses in bloom. There is also a fish-filled pond and fountains for bird bathing. Also big playground for Nalla has recently been added on. Come out during the summer for a walk through the gardens or just to come out here and think. But not in the day time!
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The Tomb is inside a dark cave some place off the mansion grounds. Built centuries ago by Darius and the other brothers, the tomb is lit by old torches and is made of black smooth, stoned walls. Inside you will find an alter and shelves that hold all the jars of the lessers that they have killed over the centuries. You will also find a black wall with members of the Black Dagger Brotherhood carved into it along with the skull of the first Brother near the alter. Only the Brothers and The Scribe Virgin know about the tomb and come here. If you show up alone, you better have a good reason!

Non-Temporal Realm

These are the private quarters of The Scribe Virgin and The Chosen. At one time they were white and all the same but now they have become very colorful and vibrant with only a few Chosen choosing to live here. But all Chosen return all the time to replenish their energy.
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Out Of Character

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